Welcome to Department of Human Anatomy, ABU, Zaria.
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Dr. Zainab M. Bauchi

HOD's Welcome Message

I wish to welcome you to the Human Anatomy Webpage. Anatomy is one of the oldest medical sciences and forms the basis or foundation of medicine and the medical sciences. In the department, we aim to achieve excellence in teaching and research within an environment that is friendly and supportive to both staff and students. The department trains not only Anatomists, but also services such departments as Human Physiology, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Basic Medical Lab Science and Radiography. There is also a robust Post graduate program running that includes Post graduate diplomas in Anatomical Sciences, Masters, MPhil and PhD in Anatomy. Anatomy has numerous subspecialties, many of which are taught within the Department. These include Gross anatomy, Histology, Embryology, Neuroanatomy, Immunology, Physical Anthropology, Genetics and cell biology to name a few. Our vision is to training of adequate manpower in Medicine and the medical sciences and to produce competent and well equipped researchers who could be utilized in the clinics, t research institutes, bio-medical industries, security services organizations. Visit the department for more details concerning these and other aspects of the Department. Thank you and welcome once again- Dr. Zainab M. Bauchi

Mission Statement

The Department seeks to offer excellent teaching, training with the aim of equipping graduates with competitive contemporary techniques, research skills and knowledge to distinguish the Department in various areas of health and biomedical research and development.


Vision Statement

To be a world class Department of Human Anatomy providing qualitative training, research and community service


Core Values

  1. Offering our students conducive environment for quality learning and training.
  2. Strive to provide selfless and timeless service
  3. Academic freedom and safe working environment.