Welcome to Department of Human Anatomy, ABU, Zaria.
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HOD's Welcome Message

As the common saying goes that Anatomy is the bedrock of Medicine, I on this same note welcome you all to the web page of the ‘bedrock’ of Medicine – the attractive and informative webpage of Human Anatomy. ‘Anatomy, not just about the dead’ – certainly the study and discipline of Anatomy has transcended beyond the dissection room, but in addition to the training of adequate manpower in Medicine and the related health professions, it now produces competent and well equipped researchers with up to date high tech know-how in biomedical sciences who could be utilized in the clinics, relevant research institutes, bio-medical industries, security services organizations among others. This is being achieved by the incorporation of relevant courses into the curriculum and exposure of students during their training. The goal of such development is to make Anatomists self reliant industrially and to be ‘hot cake’ in the labour market. I therefore enjoin you to see career in Anatomy as very promising and highly rewarding and wish you an untiring browsing session through our web page. Thank you very much - PROFESSOR S. S. ADEBISI

Mission Statement

The Department seeks to offer excellent teaching, training with the aim of equipping graduates with competitive contemporary techniques, research skills and knowledge to distinguish the Department in various areas of health and biomedical research and development.


Vision Statement

To be a world class Department of Human Anatomy providing qualitative training, research and community service


Core Values

  1. Offering our students conducive environment for quality learning and training.
  2. Strive to provide selfless and timeless service
  3. Academic freedom and safe working environment.